Fr. Thomas Rosica: uses “Laudato Si” to question the Faith of “climate denier” Catholics, but remains silent on pro-abortion “Catholic” politicians

Fr. Thomas Rosica of the Congregation of St. Basil, CEO of Salt and Light Media Foundation, English Language Assistant to the Holy See Press Office, was interviewed on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for his views of the Pope’s latest encyclical (the CBC employee claimed it was his first – wrong! – it is his second), Laduato Si. 

After the initial  meanderings, things really get interesting with Heather Hiscox bringing up a number of Republican Presidential candidates as possibly bad Catholics, since they deny and/or question the genesis of global warming. (disclaimer: I too question anthropocentric warming. Do I fall under Fr. Rosica’s judgment that somehow I do not follow the moral teachings of the Church and Popes.? More on this later).  The epithet, “Climate deniers” was the slander that Hiscox threw at these men.

Rather than clarify to Hiscox that a disputed question of science does not fall under Faith and Morals (does anyone remember their history when churchmen thought they knew science?), rather than correct her on her erroneous belief that science is static (when, by nature science  is questioning, changing, evolving – hence, the very reason why Pope Pius XII did not commit to the “Big Bang Theory”. Simply because today’s science is tomorrow’s error), Fr. Rosica indulged her prejudices.

It would be a disconcerting interview simply if the English language Spokesman for the Holy See Press Office, as an educated priest, showed a deplorable lack of understanding about the philosophy of science. But it gets worse, far worse. 

Jumping on the bone thrown by Hiscox, Fr. Rosica proceedes to berate, deride and mock a number of pro-life Republican candidates for the office of President of the United States. Is it now Holy See Press Office policy to meddle in the internal workings of independent nations? For this serious indiscretion alone, Fr. Rosica should be removed as spokesman. But it gets worse, far, far worse. 

After naming them: Jeb Bush, Rick Santorum: Fr. Rosica proceeds to question these men’s Catholic Faith. Why? Because they have been identified by the modernist “inquisition” as non-believers in a disputed question of science? Rosica intones:

“those who claim to be Catholic in the political world, sometimes don’t have any understanding of the moral teaching of the Church and the moral teaching of Popes…”

Yet not ONE word about pro-abortion “Catholic” politicians, not one word about pro-homosexual “Catholic” politicians. Why? Is it not pro-abortion and pro-homosexual candidates par excellence who dont’ have any understanding…?

And yet, Fr. Rosica is silent on this. 

Why Fr. Rosica? Pope after Pope have decried the evil of abortion and yet you remained silent. Silent!

Your silence is scandalous.  

Yet God draws good from evil, for your own words condemn the pro-abortion and pro-homosexual politicians. And they condemn those who have dissented from the doctrinal teaching on morals in Humanae Vitae.

And they condemn you. 


One thought on “Fr. Thomas Rosica: uses “Laudato Si” to question the Faith of “climate denier” Catholics, but remains silent on pro-abortion “Catholic” politicians

  1. Bill smith

    And climatists want reduction in human population, homosexual unions,abortion and contraception being the norm, to attain their goal. How many people, especially priests,that have FALLEN into satan’s trap.

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