The Homo-Jesuits of the Jesuit Post: how the Jesuits are promoting homosexuality

Pro-sodomy article by Welle S. J.

The Jesuit Post is another notorious pro-sodomite publication. It regularly publishes pro-homosexual propaganda. Recently it published two articles by a Jesuit Scholastic (meaning this man is studying to be ordained as a Jesuit priest) Jason Welle,  S. J. They may be read here and here. 

Welle wrote an article for the Jesuit Post supporting sodomy; supporting intrinsically evil acts. Supporting one of the four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance. Yet, Welle is going to be ordained (his ordination, if it followed the norms laid down according to law, would be valid, but it certainly would be illicit. c.f. Canon 1040. 2 ” His Ordinand would also, if he knew of Welle’s position, would objectively commit a grave mortal sin in ordaining him c.f. canon 1050. 3).

Fitzmaurice with two practicing homosexuals

Welle also interviewed an Arthur Fitzmaurice. From what can be gathered Fitzmaurice is an open supporter of sodomy. On his Facebook page he poses with two men who are going to be “married”. Is this Catholic? Is this the type of man that a candidate for the priesthood should consult on how to lovingly draw these poor men and women baxck to the Faith, to Confession, to repentance?

Welle S.J.’s interview is but propaganda. Why does he not ask Fitzmaurice if his “ministry” is faithful to the Church’s teaching (such as Courage); that homosexuals are to remain celibate; that they are to be loved as persons who are afflicted with same-sex attraction which is a cross to bare. There is a huge difference between what a person is, and what a person does. Between being and acting.  

Fitzmaurice being interviewed by Welle, S.J.

The answer lies in the fact that both men are open dissenters: both are in favor of homosexual activity. Both not only support perverted sexual acts, but wish these same acts to be the basis of,  accepted as “marriage” and equated to the chaste love between husband and wife, which is a reflection of the union between Christ and His Church. Quickly one can see that “same-sex marriage” is sacrilegious in intent.

A gloating Welle S.J., after the Supreme court ruling in favor of sodomy

Welle S .J., writes in his heresy riddled homosexualist screed, “Love Hurts” the following, just after the US Supreme Court decreed that perverse sexual activity between two men or two women constitutes marriage.

I know there continue to be objections form those who believe that gay and lesbian relationships are immoral  or that same-sex marriages can simply not be recognized as proper marriages, fellow Catholics and other Americans of good will among them”.

You will notice the condescending dismissal of those who uphold Christian morality coming to us from Our Lord, through His Church.

Reese S. J., homosexualist dissenter

Yet imagine: a man who wrote heresy, that unmitigated evil is deemed fit to be ordained by his Jesuit superiors (are they homo? or being blacked mailed by homos? – these are logical questions), and will be presented to a bishop for ordination. The bishop either knowingly (is he a homo? or black mailed?) or unknowingly will ordain him (in which, those Jesuit homosexualist deceivers commit a grave sin).

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