Vatican Radio: “Same-sex marriage” officiator Conan O’Brien is included in poster with the Pope

Vatican Radio – English section is now promoting “Joke with the Pope”.  This is a shocking manifestation of lack of respect for the Vicar of Christ. The Pope is the representative of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He is not a comedian, nor a celebrity.

If this is not bad enough, Vatican Radio carries a poster which includes the Pope and an American homosexualist, Conan O’Brien who “officiated” (yes, he joined a heretical sect to do so thereby completing his heresy with apostasy), at a so-called “wedding” of two homosexuals. This is truly evil.

Screenshot (472)

Our Lord is permitting His Church to be scourged by these unfaithful apostate churchmen, who are serving satan. Do not forget: Israel was scourged again and again for infidelity. Christ still loves us, that is why He is punishing us. That we repent and return.


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